Animal Profile: Sega

Age: 6

Likes: Little bugs, shadows, chasing her tail, singing in the basement, Old Spice deodorant, houseplants

Dislikes: Being picked up, having flea drops administered

Other Names: Segata Sanshiro

She stayed like this for an hour, watching a little bug.

She stayed like this for an hour, watching a little bug.

Sega is one of the two kittens I got together. She’s got a wee little black spot on her nose which we affectionately call her ‘Kitler stache’. She’s the smallest of all the animals and she’s also the most elusive. If you can’t find her, she’s probably in the basement, ruling over her dark kingdom. You can summon her by standing at the top of the stairs and calling ‘MEOW MEOW, MEOW MEOW’. She’ll come to see what fool mortal dares to summon her.

And then she’ll love you, so don’t worry.

I must warn you before you come over to my house. If you’re wearing Old Spice deodorant, or use Old Spice bodywash, you can forget the whole ‘elusive’ thing. She’ll find you. She’ll find you and breathe in that heavy, intoxicating scent. She’ll also latch onto your arm and bury her face in your armpit, so be warned.

Sega is by far the weirdest of the animals and I love her for it.