Every Day

Previously, I mentioned I write 2000 words a day, five days a week. That adds up to 10,000 words a week and about 40,000 words a month. There are more ambitious word quotas out there but I feel mine keeps me productive but not exhausted.

2000 is a number I can be proud of.

Here's my schedule for anyone interested in how the magic happens.

It begins at dawn.



Once I'm done feeding the dogs and cats, I'll work out. I enjoy strength training so when it's a rest day, I feel a bit out of sorts. Yoga and walking the dogs don't have the same kind of endorphin release.

After that, I'll sit down to write.

That's it. I mean, I'll get up every twenty minutes to stretch because...

                                                                                Look at the graphics!

                                                                                Look at the graphics!

But other than that, I just write. I have a blank document that I keep for my words per day so I can easily do a word count and find out where I'm at. And when I'm all done, it's just Ctrl+C Ctrl+V to add it to the manuscript. Then I delete the content of the words per day document and maybe write out a synopsis of what I want to write for the next day.

I'm usually done before lunch but sometimes the words don't come easily. I've found that going to my local coffee shop helps. Getting out of the house is nice and when I'm someplace else, I find it a lot easier to focus.

Of course, I'm extremely lucky to be a full-time writer. Not many people get that luxury, even when they're far better writers than me. I remember coming home from an 8+ hour day, exhausted, not knowing how I was going to write at all, let alone meet some kind of quota.

But I did. Somehow, I managed to write a book while working full time. I'm not trying to show off how cool I am...

                                                             Yes, I am. See? I'm friends with this cool dolphin.  He smokes, you guys.

                                                             Yes, I am. See? I'm friends with this cool dolphin. He smokes, you guys.

I'm just trying to say that you can do anything if you have a dream, make a plan, and make yourself crazy fulfilling it. Wake up and curse the sun.