When I was a kid, I'd look forward to buying the latest copy of GamePro at the grocery store. Most of those games reviewed and showcased, I didn't even have but I loved reading about the newest releases and best strategies.

Throughout these walkthroughs, little sidebars called PROTIPS would give tips and tricks on how to get past certain challenges or bosses. Oftentimes, they were really obvious and were there just to fill a PROTIP quota. The unhelpful PROTIPS' legend eventually gave rise to the creation of this gem of a meme.

Protip Doom

I always feel like I'm giving those same obvious snippets of advice like I think I'm some kind of sage or something. I worry a lot about my conversations with people (usually at 3 am) so If I've ever come across as pretentious or patronizing, forgive me. It came from a good place. I'm just going to put my favorite personal PROTIPS right here and be done with it.

1. An hour before bed, get away from monitors, screens, and phones.

2. To reach a dream, make a plan. Then do the plan.

3. Eat lots of vegetables.

4. Drink mostly water.

5. Whatever you're trying to accomplish, track it. It's fun to see numbers go up or down.

6. Never chase a dog. You'll just make things worse.

7. Everyone has something to teach you. Even that guy.

8. Never delete anything you've written. Put it in a separate document.

9. You can't superglue a crack in the windshield. You're only delaying the inevitable.

10. Doing your best doesn't mean breaking yourself.

There. Now that you have these PROTIPS, you'll surely glide through life like it's nothing.
Wait. I feel another one coming on.

11. Sometimes things aren't easy and that's okay.

Damn it.