Rachael Has a Patreon Page


Patreon isn’t exactly new, but I’ll lay it out and explain it anyway.

Patreon is a subscription-based service, allowing fans and supporters to pledge a monthly amount of money. Artists, writers, designers, community leaders, and all sorts of creative and inspiring folks have set up their own pages, asking for donations. Not demanding. Not begging. Just asking for a little donation in return for some goodies.

Maybe it’s a sketch made available only to patrons of a certain comic artist. Maybe it’s a sneak peek at an early, unedited chapter of an upcoming book. Maybe your name could be featured in the end credits of a Youtube video. Patreon is a cool way for fans to directly support and interact with the creators they follow.

So, of course, I was slow to hop aboard until I saw one of my favorite authors had her own Patreon page. N.K. Jemisin is the incredible author of the Broken Earth trilogy, as well as the newly-released short story collection When is Black Future Month? Her speculative fiction is both powerful and touching.

I’m totally a fan, okay? Anyway, I figure if she can do it, so can I.

For $1 a month, you’ll receive a thank-you note and a monthly picture of my animals. They are very soft and good. This claim is backed by Science©. You won’t be disappointed.

For $2 a month, you’ll get everything with the first tier along with a Book of the Month recommendation and access to a Patron-only discussion about them on Discord. We might end up talking about video games though.

For $5 a month, you’ll receive everything listed above and also get monthly sneak peeks at unedited chapters or short stories. You’re not allowed to laugh, kthx.

And for $10 a month, you’ll get everything listed above, and I’ll send you a signed copy of the books that are published while you are a Patron.

When I receive $100 a month, I’ll start work on the Vessels audiobook. Finally, the world can know the official pronunciation of ‘khemu’. Or ‘Ios’. Or ‘Mwarthes’. Dang, I got a lot of funny words in my book.


Your pledge would not only help me create great content but also enable me to deliver it in a new form.

Thanks again!