Music Monday: Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - Nyarlathotep


The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets is straight out of British Columbia, Canada. They’ve got killer vocals, a solid sound, a grotesque sense of humor, and a love of costumes. What’s not to like? Oh, and they frequently sing about HP Lovecraft. My favorite song is Nyarlathotep and it has an eerie ancient Egyptian flavor to it.

Music Monday: Alphataurus - La Mente Vola

I like metal, but sometimes enough is enough. And that’s when I switch to prog rock. And you don’t get much proggier than Alphataurus, a group out of Italy who put out their first album in 1973.


La Mente Vola is similar to most other prog songs. It’s almost ten minutes long and takes forever to get into the actual song. Still, I love the piano, the haunting vocals, and the gratuitous use of super-duper sci-fi sound effects towards the end. Do you also like prog? I’d love to talk to another person who does. They exist, right? It’s sorta like finding ska fans nowadays. They have to be out there. They just have to.

Music Monday: Nekrogoblikon - We Need a Gimmick

I completely forgot to make a post for Music Monday, which is funny because it was Memorial Day.

Oh well. Better late than never.

Here’s a song from one of my favorite bands, Nekrogoblikon. They’re say they’re from outer space and they just wear human costumes. They remind me of GWAR, in that they’re loud, obnoxious, funny, and are one-part metal to one-part performance. They’re great fun and this is my favorite music video of theirs.

Music Monday: Nile - Iskander D’hul Karnon

Death metal is loud and ugly. And I love it. There are no heavier, uglier, more brutal bands out there than Nile. They sing about nothing but ancient Egyptian history and their album art displays their chosen theme. And if you listen closely enough, you might learn a thing or two about history.

Or you could, you know, read a book about it. It would probably be faster. I love Nile and frontman Karl Sanders, but even after all these years, I can hardly understand him.

Music Monday: Deadlift Lolita Pump Up JAPAN

Everyone has those off days. Where they wake up and even doing the bare minimum seems like an impossible mountain to climb. I’ve been there myself. All my life, I wanted to be a writer, and now I’m living my dream and working to grow my business and writing each and every day, but I still have those off days. Those days where nothing matters. Getting a handle on publishing and marketing and writing seems pointless in a world where there is just so much content competing with your work.

The feeling is not permanent. It’s not insurmountable. Those off days are just a chance to reinvigorate yourself. Pick yourself up, get to work, and pump up, Japan.

Look, I know. It’s all sorts of bizarre. Here’s this huge muscle dude prancing around in a bikini top and skirt while all these other costumed guys flex and lift giant stuffed animals. Then you have the gorgeous Reika, who’s a beast all her own.

What, you may ask, are you looking at?

This song strikes at Japan’s stagnating economy and overall ennui, but it’s a call for the whole country to not give up and to keep going. I like to focus on a single line.

“For now, it’s time to get to training. Get your footing, and restart!” This song is pure 100% motivation.

Also, the blond guy in the American flag one piece has so much fun with this video. He does not fail to keep it sexy. That’s an entirely different message, right there.

I’ve liked Ladybeard when he was with Ladybaby and I like him now with Deadlift Lolita. I’m glad he’s still doing his thing, despite setbacks and obstacles. I’ll keep going too.