Upcoming Events

The snow has come and gone hopefully for the last time.


So that means it’s time for local events! If you live in the central Illinois area, stop by to either of these.

Bartonville’s Old State Hospital Bazaar
May 18th 10AM-4PM


This will be far more than just a quiet book signing event. It’s more like a fun family fair that I’ll just happen to be at. Selling my completely unrelated books. Whatever. I’m glad they let me attend. And hey, haunted insane asylum!

June 29th 5:30PM-10:00PM


Aww, yeah. This is more my thing. Panels, vendors, exhibitions and swag. I’ll be sure to show up in costume, too, even though it won’t match my book.

I hope to see people at these events. Stop by, give me a high five, and snag a bookmark. And then go and have fun at all the other tables and activities.

The Ultimate Compliment

I am not a football fan.

Not to say that I hate it. It just does nothing for me. And yet, during this year’s Super Bowl, I went to my father’s bar to watch the Big Game. I was told there would be hot wings.

There were no hot wings.

While I lamented the lack of hot wings, a very tall blond woman dashed up to me. Her face was full of an intense emotion that I couldn’t identify in the gloom of the bar.

I thought she wanted to kick my ass or at least make me step aside because I was in the way somehow.

“Are you the author?” she asked.

I told her, yes, I was the author. She must have heard of me because my dad, a lover of gritty crime novels, won’t shut up about me.

Instead of challenging me to a duel, she hugged me. She told me she had read my book and it was just what she needed during a really hard time in her life recently. She teared up. I teared up. There were more hugs.

After the game, all I could think of was that I need to finish the sequel. If there were any doubts in my mind about the series, or writing in general, they’re gone now.

That encounter meant a lot to me and got me fired up about writing again. I just want to take time out and ask you, if you enjoyed a book, to take time out to contact the author. Tell them how it made you feel. Maybe they’ll read it. Maybe they won’t. But there’s a chance you’ll make their day and light a fire in their heart.


New Year, New Cover

Hey everybody. I had a big decision to make during the New Year’s celebration. I finally decided to change the cover of Vessels.

Not only that, but I combined Vessels and What the River Brought. It wasn’t an easy choice to make but I finally determined that they were best when put together.

Those of you who purchased either book now have rare first-edition copies and I hope you aren’t too aggravated with me. As proud of the original cover as I was, having made it myself, it just wasn’t good enough. Granted, I made the new one too but I had a professional’s help in the overall design.

And I’m very happy with it.

vessels book cover

The fact of the matter is that it’s not easy being an independent author. You really have to figure out what to do and how to do it. I’ve stumbled over every obstacle you could imagine.

But I think I’m finally getting on my way and it’s thanks to you, the readers.

I’ve got a lot planned for this year. Surprises and giveaways and promotions and new books.

My New Year’s Resolution?

To step up my author game.

Thanks for sticking with me.