How to Write Multiple Genres as an Author

Was there not a question mark in the title? Crap. There should have been. I'll fix it in post.

I've self-published a couple of fantasy books. Vessels and its prequel What the River Brought. Both are part of the Dusk Eternal series, which I plan on finishing. I've got two more books planned in that weird pseudo-Egyptian world but none of them is my next project.

I love fantasy. From Middle-Earth and Westeros, to Hyboria and Pern, all those imaginary worlds sustain my soul. Even more than that, I love when the setting isn't based on a European medieval period or anything remotely close to it (which is why I'm loving N K Jemisin right now). But even if it isn't, I'll give the book a try. I'm amazed by all these writers who write book after book about completely made-up worlds and I want to stand among them one day.

But I can't help but those well-established fantasy authors ever want to write in a different genre? Because I sure do. My next project is going to be...what? Modern day surreal horror? Absurdist humor? A collection of overly-long descriptions of drinks popular in the 70's?

                           Pictured: The newest novel from Rachael Dunn.

                           Pictured: The newest novel from Rachael Dunn.

I'll settle for horror/humor even though that sounds like the nichiest niche if there ever was one. But now I'm thinking that I have to redesign my website, change my author name, dye my hair, take up a drug habit, and commit some non-violent crimes before I can really change my genre.

But then again, I'm not well-known. Maybe I can do whatever the hell I want, write about whatever I like, and just not worry for once. Maybe I'll be Rachael Dunn for fantasy and R.L. Dunn for my horror.

I"ll be sure to wear big sunglasses and not smile in my author pic. Ooh, and have it be black and white. In a graveyard.

Because at the end of the day, I'm only going to be satisfied writing about what I want. And hey, some of the best cereals come in two flavors in one box.

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