Character Profile: Isafri



Age: Don’t you know you never ask a lady her age? Looks to be in her early 20’s.

Hometown: An exotic place far, far, far away but she’ll never tell you the name of it.

Likes: Dancing, good food, good wine, the finer things of life, but also climbing to high places

Isafri is an agent of the Eclipse, but while many of her counterparts are grim, rough men who would knife you as soon as look at you, she works on a far more subtle level. She specializes in infiltration, counter-intelligence, and espionage. Only when it is absolutely vital does she actually make a kill.

She normally poses as a shockingly beautiful woman, because they can get in anywhere for anything, but she is a master of disguise. Her beauty, or lack thereof, is a deliberate choice that she can easily control. If you can see her, she has decided to let you see her, how you perceive her, and whether or not you walk away from the encounter.

She wasn’t always a glamorous, powerful woman. Long ago, she was just another street urchin who posed as a boy, flitting from rooftops and hiding in alleys. Calling herself Tal to complete the disguise, she did odd jobs for merchants or outright stole just to survive.

Until Mwarthes found her and gave her a choice that wasn’t really a choice at all.