Ignite Peoria 2019


This will be the second year I attend Ignite Peoria. I think this year will be even better because I won’t have lost my voice the night before.

Come see some incredible artists and entertainers FOR FREE. The Handweaver’s Guild of Peoria will be there with their great big loom, and they’ll teach you how to use it! Artists are there to do a sort of jam session, but for, you know, art. Singers, belly dancers, and robot fights are there for you to come see.

I’ll be there, selling Vessels and teaching kids how to write their names in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. It’ll be cool so you should come on down.

Did I mention it was free to get in?

Big Saturday Events!

This Saturday is going to be a very busy one for me. I can’t believe I’ve got two events in one day!

Book Nook Local Author Fair

June 29th 11:00 AM 2:00 PM (map)

I’ll be at the Book Nook, signing copies and taking pictures. I’ve attended the event before and the other local authors are great people. Be sure to stop by and say hi, pick up some books, grab some swag, take some candy, and have a good time.



June 29th 5:30 PM 10:00 PM (map)

Later on that day, I’ll be at GeekFest, a Peoria convention featuring all things geeky. Costumes, panels, exhibits, and a special Hayao Miyazaki movie event down at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. Don’t even go to see my goofy butt. Go because it’ll be awesome.