Animal Profile: Nes

Age: 6

Likes: Little bugs, laps, cuddling with the dogs, fresh water, licking plastic bags, feet

Dislikes: Being picked on by Toki, having to hurry

Other Names: Big Chungus, Bubblegum Belly

She also has a god-tier Resting Bitch Face

She also has a god-tier Resting Bitch Face

Nes is the sister of Sega but is about twice her weight. She also has the softest fur, you guys. She’s very mellow and that makes her a prime target for Toki’s frequent bullying. I’m just glad Luma is quick to intervene and maintain the peace.

You don’t have to sit for long before she’s in your lap. She sometimes slips outside when I let the dogs out, but she just rubs on the doorway and then comes back in when I call the dogs back in. Nes is also the only animal I will tolerate having in the bedroom at night. All she wants to do is cuddle. She’s my sweet creature of chill times. And lovin’ on feets. All the feets.

Also, she’s got the most ridiculous pink belly and lips. Just thought you should know.