Animal Profile: Luma

Age: 2

Likes: Everyone, climbing, snuggling, sniffing cats, talking back

Dislikes: Not being in the front

Luma is an American Staffordshire Terrier and is the newest addition to the household. She weighs as much as Spaghetti, but she is lankier and has longer legs. She’s faster and is a professional-grade digger.

She’s an absolute sweetheart, but she has also taken on the role of sheriff of the house. Toki, the oldest floppy boy cat, likes to beat up the other two cats, so when Luma hears tussling and hissing she knows to spring into action and break up the fight. Discord weakens the pack, you guys.


She and Spaghetti are two peas in a pod despite their age difference. Long story short, both of them broke out of the house while I was out of town. They stayed together during their adventure and proceeded to travel down busy streets. They made it all the way to the hospital where they chased nurses until someone called Animal Control.

When I got the call in Washington DC, I was furious but relieved. At least no one had gotten shot, stolen, or run over. Even the lady I spoke to said that these weren’t vicious dogs.

If she doesn’t like something, she’ll walk right up to you and let you know. First, she flaps her flappy face and then she’ll just grumble at you, making Wookiee noises until she forgets what she wanted in the first place.