Character Profile: Mwarthes

Illustration by:  Quinton Thomas

Illustration by: Quinton Thomas

Age: Unknown (Somewhere between 28 and 35? Don’t worry about it. Age is just a number.)
Hometown: Nowhere special
Likes: Hawks, snakes, having a good time

Mwarthes (pronounced M’war-thez, shut up, he knows it’s not a good name) is an assassin for the cult known as the Eclipse. If its agents do good enough work, they receive gifts like regeneration and access to the Silence, a method of communicating wordlessly with the Master over great distances.

Also the Eclipse serves the legendary pharaoh Nephtet-Ka and is preparing for his return to the living world.

Or something. He didn’t pay much attention during orientation.

Mwarthes gets to see exotic locations and meet new, interesting people, frequently for very short amounts of time. He doesn’t die as easily as others, and he gets to enjoy a kind of limited immunity to most ailments.

Sometimes he is called back to the Master and undergoes certain rituals. He wakes up changed, but usually it’s for the better.

Though when he wakes up again, he’s unsure what day it is. Or week. Or…

His latest job? Something unusual, a little out of his wheelhouse. He’s usually told to go to a place to kill a certain person. Instead, he has to guide Ashira all the way across the country to fulfill some prophecy. Even though he’s ordered to escort her such a long way, he doesn’t mind. He’s good at traveling, and his charge is a sheltered, spoiled, and prideful girl.

He’s going to have so much fun.