Character Profile: Ashira


Age: 17
Hometown: Uftem
Likes: Riddles, cats, roast lamb

Ashira was fished out of the Neferamtat river when she was a little child. No one knew who she was or where she came from. But the fact that she appeared during the river’s sacred black flooding led the priests to believe she was of some importance. When she healed a boy’s withered leg, the holy men figured she was a gift from the gods. But when she commanded the dead servants, the fellahin, they knew she was the return of the legendary pharaoh Nephtet-Ka.

Little girls are haughty enough. They don’t need to be told they are actually royalty. It will only make things worse.

As she grew up, the priests’ narrative changed. She wasn’t the actual pharaoh. She was just a container for his essence to reside in until the time was right. Except no one knew when that time might come about so she was forced to watch, and wait, and hide herself while the memory of the pharaoh fueled her dreams.

Teenagers are terrible at waiting. This is known. Ashira burns with a vengeance she does not understand and if she isn’t careful, it will consume her.

Ashira is a prideful young woman, quick to anger and indignation. She has a love of learning but only where it concerns her interests or the growth of her power. Having eaten well from the temple’s offerings, she is heavier than the other girls of Uftem. Working with the dead for so long has given her a practicality beyond her years. She has no need of useless things like fine clothes or jewelry. There is too much work to do for all that.

She’d like a cat though. That would be nice.