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Vessels is the first book in the Dusk Eternal Trilogy, a fantasy series in a desert kingdom with a tradition of using the dead to build great works and wonders.

Ashira is the reincarnation of a legendary pharaoh. With just a touch, she can perform miraculous healing or deal death as she sees fit. The dead bow to her. The prophecy says she will be the one to lead her people out of persecution from the occupying Alvari Empire.

But the prophecy didn’t say much more than that. And the Empire squeezes harder every day.

She tries to wait for further signs, but instead, she incurs the wrath of the Empire. Now, left with no friends and no home, she must journey across the desert kingdom to seek out the wise priest Uskandr. And the only one helping her on the way is a sly assassin with a dangerous sense of humor.

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