The priests called Ashira the reincarnation of a legendary pharaoh. She could heal with but a touch and deal death as she saw fit. The dead kneel to her. She tried to wait for further signs of what she must do to fulfill the ancient promise, but instead she incurred the wrath of an empire. Now, she must take matters into her own hands and journey across the desert kingdom to fulfill the prophecy herself.

And the only one helping her on the way is an assassin with a dangerous sense of humor.

Book One of the Dusk Eternal trilogy

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What the River Brought Ebook Cover ver02 small.jpg

What the River Brought

A strange girl no one knows washes up on the river bank. She doesn't remember her name but knows secrets of old kings and gods. She commands the dead and heals ailments that medicine cannot cure. She must be the pharaoh returned, the priests declared.

But signs can be misread and some prophecies are just too big to place on a little girl.

The prequel to Vessels

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